Georgia Drug Card tours Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta Georgia Drug Card tours Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

Pictured : Joy Mcadams, Mark Crouch, Denise Amaya, John Hudson (Clowns) Dr. MeMe, Dr. Doo Hickey

July 20th, 2017 - CMN Director Nancy Koenig gave Georgia Drug Card a tour of the various departments at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

The biggest surprise to all of the Georgia Drug Card Team was that the #1 cause for visits to the trauma department was child abuse. They were also all very impressed with the systematic process of moving patients along and the efficiency of the ER. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital, is known for details. An example of this is keeping the same movie consistent throughout all areas and all departments. So a child getting moved from waiting room to hospital room won't miss a beat. Seems small, but that's "thinking like a kid".

Georgia Drug Card also had a boardroom meeting with Jill Bernhardt, Manager of Cumulus radio and Sharon Robinson with the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta foundation. They discussed putting Georgia Drug Card intermittently on one of the radiothon hours. Georgia Drug Card will educate their 8 radio stations which reach over 2 million listeners about the prescription savings program.